Monthly Photography Supbscription Service

How would you like to have your own personal photographer?

Did you know that a typical commercial food, beverage, or product photography project can take weeks of planning, a team of people, and thousands of dollars? Major brands understand these logistics and are prepared and have the money to get with art directors, marketing teams, brand managers, and art buyers to make sure they get the exact image that they want for their campaign.

We understand that some businesses/influencers don’t always have the teams or budgets for complex and expensive photography projects, that’s why we created this subscription service.

This photography subscription model is perfect for companies/influencers who want fresh imagery for their website, social media, or other marketing materials. We will come on-location and work with your team to develop the style that is right for your company to ensure that all your imagery is consistent and on-brand.

What does the subscription plan entail?

The base plan is to have us come onsite once a month and get you a enough content to post at least once a day. Developing an online presence is more important now than ever. Book today and start getting quality content to help your business grow!

Can Anyone utilize the subscription plan?

Yes! This is great for anyone who is wanting quality photos or videos. For example. New parents welcoming a new additon to the family. You can get Maternity, Fresh 48, New Born, Monthly growth photos, Etc.
This subscription program is great for anyone who is wanting quality content at an affordable price.

Can we bank our sessions for a longer session the following month?

Yes! The subscription will be billed monthly. If you wish to bank a months session and get more content the next month. You will have to fill out a form which I will give you during the contract signing stage. As my schedule books up it is important to communicate. That is why this form is important to fill out.

How does pricing work?

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription. To cancel there would need to be a 60 day written notice.

How far are you willing to travel? Is there a travel Fee?

I am willing to travel as far as needed. However anything outside of 50 miles travel there will be a small fee added to the monthly price based on miles travelled.

Is video offered in the subscription?

The base price is for photogrpaphy only. If you would like to upgrade to video there is an additional fee. Contact us for pricing and availability.

When are the photos delivered?

The photos are delivered within 7 days of the session.