Why Invest

In Photography/Videography

Our time together will be a lot of things , but most of all, it’s an investment. You’re investing in yourself, you’re investing in your love story, and most of all, you’re investing in capturing a moment in time that you can relive again and again. Your Investing in a feeling. 

I am here to help you keep and cherish memories. Whether that be your wedding, welcoming a new member to the family, or simply getting a pic of the whole family together. This is something that I enjoy doing.

So, why invest?


One thing is certain... Time NEVER stops. Your wedding day comes and goes in a flash. Your little ones only stay little for what seems like a minute. Investing in a  photographer allows you to enjoy the moment but also allows you to look back and relive the memories over and over.

From first birthdays, tearful first looks at your wedding, walking your daughter down the aisle, the first days of school, to the success of graduation day, there are so many things to remember in this life.

Photography/Videography is not just the capturing of images, it’s the capturing of emotions.  It’s the preservation of moments.  It’s the creation of memories to be shared with generations to come.

And that is always worth investing in.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your own personal photographer? 

Our subscription service might be for you.