How long will it take before I receive my photos?

A quick turn around is something that I take pride in. -For a one hour session I will have your photos back to you within seven days -For a wedding or event I will have your photos returned in four weeks or less.

What should I wear?

I reccomend the following: - Try to stay away from patterns - Dark colors are slenderizing - Try to stay away from bright colors - Coordinate colors in outfits do not Match people. (think back to the 90's where the whole family wore wind breakers) - Most important be comfortable. If you are uncomfortable your photos will likely reflect that.

When do I pay the deposit?

The deposit is due at the time of booking. This is non refundable and meant to lock in the date of the session.

Do you shoot in color and in black and white?

I mainly shoot in color. I do shoot in black and white if the situation arrises. I do this because you can get the black and white effect in post production

How would you describe your photography style?

I enjoy capturing moments. Candid photography captures that raw emotion much better than staged photos. That being said, You can get a candid photo while having a staged shoot. What I do during the shoot is have the client go through a motion such as brushing the hair from their face. This creates a look that does not feel as posed. I try to keep my editing on the warmer side. I feel warmth conveys a happier tone.

Can I give you a specific list of photos we would like?

Absolutley! I have a questionairre that I will have you fill out for events. This is where you will list the type of photos and people who you would want in those photos. This is just a communication tool that will allow us to be on the same page.

How do you do wedding photogrpahy and videography with only one shooter?

Being a photographer you start to get a feel for what is needed in a wedding or event. My main focus is always to capture the day as it happens. That being said my posing style during portraits with the couple is based on movement and developing a "candid" look. I will always give direction but the way I get the candid look is through movement and action to envoke a real response. With doing photo and video both I have the couple complete a range of actions getting video on some actions and photos on the other. The only part that gets tricky is the first kiss and the ceremony. I set up my second camera on a tripod to record the ceremony to where I can concentrate on photos with my main camera. This way I am capturing both moments simultaniously. If you have any quesitons feel free to ask. There are examples on the video portion of the website where I was taked with Photo and video together.

Where can I find information about the Whittington Photography Subscription Service?

There is an entirely separate FAQ on the subscription page of the website.

Do you offer a second shooter?

Yes, A second shooter can come to the wedding/event for an additional fee.

Do you deliver every image you shoot?

No. I will take multiple photos from each pose/location. I will then choose the best photo from that pose. I cull out the bad images, such as if someone has blinked or wasnt looking the right direction. A rule of thumb it is estimated that 50 photos will be delivered per 60 minute session.